Scientists Say Flu Shots are Over Rated and A Waste of Tax Payers Money

Still contemplating the flu shot?  Some scientists are saying they are over rated, over hyped and a waste of money.   Then why are so many people lining up for them?  Yet another example of masterful social engineering…but let’s see what they have to say.   The benefits of the annual flu jab have been ‘over-hyped’, […]

TriHealth Fires 150 Employee’s for Not Getting Flu Shot

And I am sure this goes with no recommendations on vitamin D, probiotics or any other immune supporting activities to help prevent the flu.  This when there is very little benefit to getting the flu shot over not getting the flu shot, and we know natural options work.  But in any case, hospitals and other […]

Probiotics and Immune Health

Below is a podcast we found over at Its an interview between two pharmacists and nutritionists on “What you need to know about probiotics and immune health”.  Enjoy What do probiotics have to do with your immune system? A lot-In this Interview with the Expert, Ross Pelton, RPh CCN PHD shares with us what […]

How Toxins and Obesogens Can Be Making You Fat

America is fast on its way to becoming a nation of the overweight and the obese.  Much of the fingers are pointed at high sugary foods such as high fructose corn syrup, although what about chemicals and toxins in our diet…what about obesogens? The rate of obesity in very young children — even infants — […]

Denny’s to charge a 5% Obamacare Surcharge

The fall out of the re-election and looming Obamacare continues.  Corporations have been lining up, talking lay-offs as and reduction of hours to avoid the Obamacare mandates, which will not be good for our economy, although, is it fare to economically suppress them.  The supreme court called it a tax, and it looks like there […]

Video: Ron Paul on Secessionism

Once again, Ron Paul talks sense, beyond all the clamoring and whining about states wanting to secede.

Al Gore Calls On Barack Obama for Carbon Tax

He’s at it again, the liberal looter.  Seems after his global warming movie had been discredited by so many sources, we thought he would remain in hiding in his energy sucking mansion and private plane travel.  Not so I guess, and Al Gore is using the disaster of Sandy for his formula of Problem, Reaction, […]